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We are a direct lender and can provide you the best rates and the best loans based on your credit score.  

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Free Credit Counseling

Clients that qualify for our free program will receive a list of items that could help improve their score. We use our state of the art simulator and are able to simulate how to raise the credit score.


Sign up for our Iqualifier and monitor the credit yourself. Iqualifier allows the use of our : 

  • *IQ score manager - this powerful simulator analyzes your spending and payment habits. 
  • *Monthly credit reports and scores - fresh information each month lets you monitor your progress 
  • *Monthly Email Notifications - We'll help you stay on the path to success.​

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Why is your credit score important?
Your credit score is the key to lower interest rates, easier qualifications, and more qualified loan programs.
Interest Rates are determined based on several factors, but none more important than the credit score. Each loan programs have their own credit score “tier.” Often times, one point can make the difference in a better all-around loan.

USDA, FHA, VA End Loan Credit Score Tiers:

850 – 720 Tier I   Best Rates, Best Terms, & Flexible Underwriting

719 – 640 Tier II  Better Rates, Better Terms, & Flexible Underwriting
639 – 620 Tier III Competitive Rates and Term
619 – 580 Tier IV Minimum Score Needed to Qualify

Conventional End Loan Credit Score Tiers:

850 – 720 Tier I Best Rates, Best PMI Rates, & Flexible Underwriting
719 – 680 Tier II Better Rates, Better PMI Rates, & Flexible Underwriting
679 – 660 Tier III Good Rates, Good PMI rates, & Flexible Underwriting

659 – 640 Tier IV Competitive Rates and Terms
639 – 620 Tier VI Minimum Score Needed to Qualify

Credit Advice

  • Make sure the info on your credit report is accurate
  • Make all of your debt payments on time
  • Keep your revolving credit under 25% of the limit
  • Keep accounts you’ve had for a long time, even if they have zero balance
  • Use a variety of credit types



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Credit Advice